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  • References: please add references about the content of character pages! ALL the Character Pages need references.
    • You can add references by typing
       <ref> </ref> 
      • The reference will then show on the reference section (last section), where
        is typed
  • Readers love looking at photos on character pages, so please feel free to add photos!
    • Make sure to add those photos to the character's gallery page!


  • Adding Photos of the rooms helps give the readers a better perspective of the location.
  • Add the names of people who lives/lived or has visited there before.


  • QUOTES! Adding quotes on a chapter page can be a fun way to put out the information!
  • Photos! Remember to crop your photo before you add it on Chapter Pages.


Do you know a specific item that had a major significance? If so, create a page about that item, but don't forget to categorize it as Category:Items


  • upload high quality images to this wiki
  • create image galleries for characters who don't have them
  • add images to character galleries
  • add proper categories to images
  • add Fair Use Rationale template to images
  • tag images with bad filenames by typing
     {{Poor Filename}} 
    or renaming images with bad filenames



Feel free to edit grammar on pages.

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