Illustration that portrays Taamo


The Author of Taiyou no Ie

Official Site of Taamo:


Japanese Name: タアモ [2]


Birth Date: January 26

Zodiac: Aquarius

Blood type: B

Gender: Female

Published MangaEdit

Manga English Title Published Date
Ano Ko to Boku no Ie Her and My Home 2006
Ashi-san N/A September 2011
Bitter II Anata Dake ni Aisaretai July 2004
Hatsukoi Rocket [3] First Love Rocket May 2005
Isshoni Ofuro Bathing Together Unknown
Lost Girl Lost Girl Unknown
Onegai, Sensei Please, Teacher 2008
Shoujo no Melancholy [4] A Girl's Melancholy Unknown
Sunu Sumu Muriku no Kobito Unknown 2009
Wagahai wa Yome de Aru[5] I'm His Wife 2007


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