Lost is the 46th chapter of Taamo's Taiyou no Ie.

Chapter 46
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Nakamura Hiro
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Mao reads her post that she has just published for her cellphone novel, House of the Sun. Her step-mother knocks loudly on her door to alert her dinner is ready, but Mao says that
House of the Sun3

Mao's cellphone novel entry

she isn't hungry.

At work, Hiro is working as Sugimoto watches from a distance. Fujita mentions to Hiro that his eyestrain is now getting better. Hiro notices that the House of the Sun cellphone novel has been updated, and he thanks the slightly confused Sugimoto . Sugimoto wonders what happened to Mao.

At school during lunch, Mao tells Chihiro about Mao's current situation, and a silence hangs awkwardly in the air. Chihiro thanks Mao for telling, and adds that Chihiro says that she would have done the same in order to not worry Hiro. They both agree it's hard to tell the person they like about things like this. Chihiro tells her she'll always be Mao's friend, even if Mao moves far away. Chihiro cries about this, and Mao hugs her tight.

After school, Mao gets a message for her mother asking about what Mao's decision is. Mao locks herself in her room again, and her mom continues to bang on the door telling Mao to
Mao's family eating together

Mao's family eating together

come out for dinner, which Mao replie's she isn't hungry. Her step-mother bangs even louder, so Mao finally opens the door. Mao's father tells Mao to sit down and eat. A hot potatoe truck stand is driving near Mao's house. Step-Mother and Mao get 6 hot potatoes and eat two each at the bench near the park. While they eat hot potatoes, Step-Mother questions what happened to Mao. Mao says that she has been having trouble with her novel, and she apologizes for hiding from everyone because she couldn't face it. She explain's the protagonist's family situation where she has been accepted by her new family, but her lonely mother wanted the protagonist to live with Mao. Step-Mother talks about her own situation - since Kaitou and her brought children from their previous marriage, and Mao's step-grandmother was against them getting married. Eventually, step-mother chose Kaitou over her mother, which was a shock. But her mother still supported her. They both walk home together, hand in hand.
How about you have dinner together

Hiro, who is trying to convince himself he's not coming here because of Mao, walks to the Warring States Bar. Daiki greets the stingy Hiro at the door, and Daiki mentions that Mao cut her shifts on work. Daiki and Hiro are forced to have dinner together, because of one of the staff's suggestion. Daiki and Hiro eat together with an awkward silence.

At home, Sugimoto decides to reread Mao's novel from the beginning to understand the protagonist's feelings. Sugimoto realizes that this novel is a long love letter to Hiro and his family. Sugimoto feels extremely guilty for stealing Mao's novel, and resolves to give it back to Mao.

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Sugimoto [thoughts]: Ah...Why didn't I notice it before? This is a love letter. A very, very long one to Nakamura-san, to his family. How could I... have stolen such a precious thing!? I have to give it back.


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