A Girl's Confusion
Chpter 4 cover
Japanese Title
女の子 の 反乱
On'nanoko no Hanran
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Motomiya Mao

Nakamura Hiro

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Chapter 3
Chapter 4.5

A Girl's Confusion is the 4th chapter of Taamo's Taiyou no Ie.


Hiro is thinking how Mao is acting weird because she avoids looking at his eyes, she eats the fish she dislikes, and she cleans up nicely.

Screenshot 2015-08-21 at 11.22.19 AM

Sugimoto's reaction to finding out that Hiro reads Taiyou no Ie.

While Hiro is on his break at work, he checks his phone to see if there was updates from Sorami, the author of the novel. During this, Sugimoto finds out that he reads it. Sugimoto seems happy that he reads it, so Hiro thinks that the author Sorami is Sugimoto.

Hiro remembers what Mao said to him that morning, that if you don't properly say you want to live together with everyone, they (Hina and Daiki ) won't know how you feel. Considering Mao's words, Hiro decides to text Hina and Daiki about how he wants to live together in the house like they used to.

Worried about Mao, Hiro leaves his work to check on her, but sees Mao walking with a boy (Oda). Mao talks to Oda about her feelings when she is with step-mother , but in reality it is Mao's feelings for Hiro. Oda's reply to Mao is that he thinks her feelings are love.

When Mao comes back home, Hiro tells her she saw him walking with a guy and teases her that he is the one she likes. But Mao retorts back that the person she likes is Hiro. However, the confused Hiro thinks that it is a joke.

At the end of the chapter, Hiro gets a reply from Daiki saying he will check the house during break and he doesn't like the idea of Mao living with him.  

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Hiro [thoughts about Mao]: Mao's acting weird. She won't look me in the eyes at all. When they do meet, just when she's about to say something... She suddenly gets quiet... She's even eating the fish that she hates. And most important of all, everything's been cleaned up so neatly...!

Mao [to Hiro]: "I want to live with everyone." If you don't properly say it... They won't know how you feel.

Mao [thoughts to Hiro]: It's fine. Things like waking up early to cook sunny side eggs... It's fine. Even if you don't do anything... Just by beeing here for me... It's really warm, you know? You feel the same, right? That's why I... look forward to coming back to this house.

Mao [talking about her step-mom, but referring to Hiro]: Just awhile back, I felt that holding hands was something normal to do but... Recently, I feel strange when I hold hands with her... After that... I want to keep looking at her... And I want to stay close to her. Because we're living together is it bad if I feel like this?

Oda: Rather than that... This sounds more like love, doesn't it?

Hiro [to Mao]: I was just really worried but... If Magyo has a guy with her, then I might be able to relax a bit. I saw you Magyo. Walking with a guy, that is.

Mao [to Hiro]: Hiro, You're the one that I like...!


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