Another Mao is the 29th chapter of Taamo's Taiyou no Ie.

Another Mao
Chapter 29
Japanese Title
Mouhitori no Mao
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Sugimoto (Radical)
Chapter Guide
Chapter 28.2
Chapter 30


Sugimoto and Hiro are together at Hiro's room during the Sendai retreat. Sugimoto stumbles and tries to get her words out, and soon Fujita wakes up. Sugimoto excuses herself, and requests to talk to Hiro some other time.

Meanwhile, Daiki is still hugging Mao at the Nakamura Household. Daiki reluctantly releases Mao in order to answer the phone call from Hiro.

Back at Mao's room, Mao waits impatiently for Hiro to reply. Much to Mao's delight, she gets a message from Hiro with a picture of a weird looking statue.

Before they part ways, Boss comments that this was a very enjoyable trip. Boss teases Hiro about Sugimoto "watching" Hiro. When Hiro glances over at Sugimoto, he wonders what Sugimoto wanted to tell him.

At Hina's house, Hiro greets his aunt and Kokoa. Hiro tries to get a meaningful conversation out of Hina, but Hina bluntly tells Hiro that she is not going back. When Hina mentions that she will live on her own, Hiro wonders why she is saying the same thing as Mao. Hina leaves soon after, and dismisses Hiro's invitation. 

Kokoa complains on Hina's weird behavior to Hiro.

Hiro leaves Hina's house, and feels that Hina hates him. He feels guilty, because he thinks he used Mao as a replacement for Hina. At the airport, Sugimoto admires pictures of Date Masamune on her phone. Sugimoto gets a message from RUIRUI, who teases her on being a "middle schooler" when it comes to love. Sugimoto decides to wait a little longer for Hiro.

Hiro and Sugi

Sugimoto and Hiro sit together in the airplane. Sugimoto stumbles a little, and finally asks Hiro how his visit with his sister went, which Hiro replies that Hina probably hates him. Hiro feels that he is a creep for reading Sugimoto's signals the wrong way.

Hiro meets Mao, who is walking Croquette, outside their home. Hiro tells Mao that he knows that something bad happened to her. He apologizes to Mao for using her as a reeplacement for Hina, but Mao says that Hiro has saved her in many ways. Hiro squeezes Mao's face, and Mao does that in return. Mao knows Hina is having trouble, and thinks that she can do something.

Hiro asks Mao how Daiki was when Hiro was gone, and Mao blushes in response. Before more could be said, Hiro's phone beeped with a text from Sugimoto who tells Hiro that she has "liked " Hiro "for a very long time".

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Hiro [thoughts about Hina]: I have a bad feeling about this but she finally agreed to meet with me. This is better than nothing. Hina never really got used to her new home. Every time I come to visit, shes still stuck, never able to move forward.

Hiro: Sorry, Mao.

Mao: Why are you apologizing?
Hiro: Was just thinking about how you were crying and telling me not to feel sorry for you. And about how I was kind of using you as a replacement for Hina.

Mao: But even so - you've saved me in so many ways. Why should you apologize for that?


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