The Day When it was Just the Two of Us
Chpter 2 cover
Japanese Title
ふたりぼっちに なった 日
Futaribotchi ni Natta Hi
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Motomiya Mao
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The Day When it was Just the Two of Us is the 2nd chapter of Taamo's Taiyou no Ie.


This chapter starts off with Hiro reading a novel on his cellphone. It formally introduces Hiro as 23 years-old entry level programmer, and his comfort at work is Sugimoto's smile and cellphone novel named "The House of the Sunby Sorami; hence the title of this manga, Taiyou no Ie or The House of the Sun. Hiro thinks the author "Sorami" is actually his co-worker Sugimoto.

Later in this chapter, it shows Mao and Hiro and his house eating breakfast while arguing about Mao's manners.

Hiro has a flash back of his past before he met Mao, when he and his family lived in an apartment far from his dad's work place.  His family was upset that their father is rarely home to eat dinner with them together. Hiro asked his mom to move their house closer to their dad's work place so that they can be together from now on, and his wish got granted. They received the house that Hiro currently lives in. When they recently moved in, Hina found a girl named Mao eating at the shrine by herself, and Hina's mother asked her to bring her over next time. From then, it felt like Mao became part of their family. That is why that house is really precious and important to Hiro, and that's why Hiro began to work even though he was still in school to protect that house.
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Back to the present day, Mao was thinking about going back home. She decides to call  her dad to explain why she wasn't at home. Mao did; however, her father tells Mao that she doesn't have to come back anymore if she likes it at the Nakamura's house. Hiro notices Mao unusual silence, and takes the phone in order to better explain to Mao's father the reason. When Mao's fathers offers to pay for Mao's expenses, which makes Hiro angrily yell at his behaivor.  After Mao and Hiro hears those words, Hiro tells Mao to stay for dinner, and she accepts while crying.  

Mao decides to stay at Nakamura's house. The mood at the house seems really cheerful and happy like the old times, and Mao and Hiro get along together well.  

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House of the Sun cellphone novel entry: I no longer have a home. I no longer have a place to return to. Nobody is waiting for me anyways. There's nobody who needs me.

Hiro [thoughts]: My solace while I'm at work is Sugimoto-san's smile and reading this cellphone novel.

Hiro [thoughts]: My younger sister, Hina, would stop crying if you agreed to make sweets with her. Daiki, my younger brother, didn't talk much unless he was playing games. I thought he must have been lonely.

Hiro [thoughts on Mao]: "She looks as though she's fighting back tears." That was my first impression of her.

Mao: Your house is pretty lively, Hiro. Mine is so quiet.

Hiro: I actually made a wish for our home to become this way.

Hiro [thoughts]: That's right. I wished for it, and everyone promised that we would all be able to be together... to smile again.

Hiro [thoughts on his house]: That's why after our parents died and everyone moved away I started working, even though I was still in school. I just couldn't let this place go.

Hiro [thoughts about Mao]: Seeing her eat by herself at the shrine reminded me how she used to be when we were little. So I invited her to my house, just like old times. I thought I'd make her smile again.

Hiro [thoughts]: I'm buying more cream puffs than usual... Even something like that can be fun, can't it?

Mao: Sorry about leaving so suddenly yesterday. Hiro invited me over for the night.

Mao's father: You like staying at Nakamura-san's house, don't you? You've always liked it there... If you like it so much, you don't need to come back.

House of the Sun cellphone novel entry: "This food I've made will be delicious." For the first time in a long while, until tears rolled down my face... I laughed.


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