Envy is the 18th chapter of Taamo's Taiyou no Ie. 

Chapter 18
Japanese Title
Character(s) Shown on Cover
Motomiya Mao

Nakamura Daiki

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At the Warring States Themed Bar, Daiki tells the staff that he will be moving back here, so they will be able to work again. However, they already bought him a cake for his farewell party, so he is forced to attend the party. Daiki tells Mao to notify Hiro about their party, and she asks Daiki if she can copy his message. The staff

Daiki's and Mao's message to Hiro.

grins at them thinking that they are a couple. Hiro recieves the two almost the same messages from Daiki and Mao, so he and his work colleagues also are going out to celebrate.

At the celebration, Hiro's boss is making Sugimoto drink. Hiro gets worried because she is drinking too much, and tells her to stop. She invites him to drink, and he says, "Sure, if you come over here, I'll drink with you." Hiro makes sure she stops drinking by giving her water, while she blabs about random things. When it ends, their boss tells Hiro to accompany Sugimoto to her house for safety. Hiro calls Daiki's phone, and Mao answers. Mao tells him that Daiki is busy, and the cake was brought out. Also, she tells him that Daiki had an annoucement to make. Hiro tells her that he is taking Sugimoto home, which makes Mao irritated after the call ends, stabbing her cake. 

Hiro wakes Sugimoto up telling her that they arrived at her house, and she invites him to come in to have tea. Hiro declines the offer, but when he sees her walking weirdly, he takes her up to her apartment. Once again, she invites him over so they could talk more, but Hiro declines saying that he wants to spend as much time with his brother since he will be soon going back to their uncle's place. On his way home, he calls Daiki to check how they are doing, and Daiki tells him that he will be moving back to their house .

When Hiro arrives home, Daiki is sleeping, while Mao is still awake cooking for Daiki's farewell and welcome home party. Hiro joins her to make food, as they talk about Sugimoto, then Hina and how it would be wonderful if Hina was back. 


Good bye and Welcome Home Daiki!

The next morning, the exhausted Hiro and Mao celebrates Daiki's party. Mao forces him to eat her food she made, and Hiro comments that they are really close. When it ends, they say goodbye to Daiki, and Daiki whispers something into Mao's ears. When Daiki leaves, Hiro comments to Mao how it will be just the two of us for a while. 

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Daiki: And this. This isn't even food! Apologize to the ingredients this instant!! Was it even necessary to go this far!?

Mao: Don't worry, it's delicious!! SAY AAAHHHNN
Daiki: I refuse to do something so distateful.
*Forcefully fed food from Mao*
There are things in this world that no matter how hard you work at, you'll never improve in. I think it's about time you realize this.
Mao: Doesn't stop you from playing video games!

Daiki: Fair enough.


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